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We have a niche market, we specialize in Cuban Seed Cigars, small batches, grown, aged and prepared the Classic Cuban way. We work with families that we actually know. Being that we are a small mom and pop shop, we do not carry big brands and that is what makes us special. We are also supporting small businesses by working with them directly. Aficionados come from all over the world to see what we are carrying and to try something that no one else will have. What makes us stand out is our love for the people. We truly care and this as a family owned business. We are ladies and gentlemen and we sell a classic tradition, ambiance a Cuban experience. It is like visiting Havana in Atlanta!
Quality verses Quantity

Working Hours

Welcome to the living room @ Havana Cigars in downtown Atlanta Historic Old Fourth Ward , Sweet Auburn District . Authentic Cuban Owned Cigar and Coffee Lounge Downtown Atlanta Family Owned & Operated.


1pm - 7pm


1pm - 7pm


1pm - 7pm


1pm - 8pm


1pm - 1am


1pm - 1am


1pm - 7pm
Creative Loafing Award
Atlanta Cigar Week Award

Why Us

HAVANA CIGARS is the First & Only Authentic, Cuban Owned & Operated Shop in ATLANTA!
Established in 2016, We are proud to be in the Old Fourth Ward Neighborhood right Downtown, in the heart of the Historical MLK District, on Auburn Avenue, right next to the Atlanta Streetcar King Historic District stop.