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Press releases

Press Releases

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Meet Rafa and Heather Ramirez: Husband and Wife Owners and Partners

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Sweet Auburn Blues is a documentary about a historic neighborhood that was once home to some of the world's most influential Civil Rights leaders including the one and only Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The film sheds light on a community that is struggling to return to its former glory. Featuring icons like Harry Belafonte and Black Panther Party member Kathleen Cleaver...

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Check out the awesome husband and wife duo of Rafa and Heather Ramirez as they bring the Cuban culture and flavor to the Old 4th Ward section of Downtown Atlanta! Puff, Sip, Chat with Havana Cigars.

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Meet Heather Ramirez of Havana Cigars in Downtown

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AROUND ATLANTA | Havana Cigars with Heather Ramirez

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Havana Cigars — Atlanta, GA Its amazing where a quick Google search can get you.

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Why Us

HAVANA CIGARS is the First & Only Authentic, Cuban Owned & Operated Shop in ATLANTA!
Established in 2016, We are proud to be in the Old Fourth Ward Neighborhood right Downtown, in the heart of the Historical MLK District, on Auburn Avenue, right next to the Atlanta Streetcar King Historic District stop.